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This is Not a Difficult Concept

A Girl Like You

Las Vegas and Conservative Values

American Flag Vegas Girl

great post by Lynn Comella. Vegas magnifies America’s sexual schizophrenia of smut and sanctimony… it’s the most conservative city i’ve lived in, and i started weight loss college in Utah. commercialized hypersexuality is not kinky, or necessarily sexy, certainly not liberal. quotes by Dee Dennis and Lisa Vandever help break it down.

What Do YOU Make?

Getting to the heart of it…what do YOU make?

Gabriel Byrne: I Was Molested In Seminary School

Byrne’s account of being molested for 4+ years by a priest echoes what Susan Clancy said about not being traumatized at the time (interview posted earlier). he mentions his alcoholism, but also that he was beaten as a kid. so how much of his troubles had to do with the molestation? his case antidepressants speaks to a much larger problem… of church sex crimes and coverup, but we need to talk about our cultural narrative around sexual abuse, and if that narrative helps or harms child victims.

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